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shower filter cartridge replacement

Stop Chlorine and other dangerous substances from entering your body through your skin and lungs! When you have a nice hot shower or bath, chlorine turns into a gas form which easily penetrates the body. A 10-minute shower is equal to drinking up to 2-litres of water.



Pure Bath MK-808 Shower Filter Replacement Cartridge

Pure Bath Shower filter provides effective treatment to remove up to 99% of Chlorine, Dirt, Lead, Iron Oxides, Hydrogen Sulfide odours and resist bacterial growth. For healthier skin and hair this shower filter removes the Anti-Nitrites (and the excusive unhealthy chlorine) that cause skin irritation and hair problems.

Shower Filter cartridge life: 45,000 litres equal to approximately 900 showers or 450 baths.
Max temp: 80 C
Active components: NSF approved KDF, Calcium Sulfite and Anisotropic Ferrite Magnet.

  • Self Sealing Threads
  • High Strength Housing
  • Cartridge Life: 6 months/45,000 litres
  • Easy Installation
  • Will not dent, rust or corrode
  • Dimensions: 13 cm Length x 6cm Diameter


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