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Single Stage CTO Carbon Block Countertop Water Filter

This countertop unit sits on the counter and easily connects to most any kitchen faucet. A diverter valve replaces the aerator on your faucet. In the regular position, water exits straight through its own aerator. When filtered water is desired, turn on the cold water and pull out on the diverter valve knob – water is routed through the filter and out its own swivel spout. Great for apartments, dorms, RV’s or travel.



Countertop unit uses a replaceable carbon block cartridge (part no. CB-1) (included), in a single space-saving housing. This cartridge is manufactured using a patented process that yields a cartridge with a nominal 1 micron filtration rating, high dirt-holding capacity.

A high porosity design helps prevent the cartridge from plugging before its adsorption capacity is exhausted, maximizing the utilization of the carbon while maintaining low pressure drop, 6,000 gallons chlorine taste & odor reduction. Flow rate is .75 to 1 gallon per minute.
For cold water use only, includes two diverter adapters, spout, chrome diverter valve and chlorine test strips to verify when it’s time to replace cartridge.

12″ high, 5″ diameter.


Nominal 1 micron rating.
High dirt holding capacity maximizes utilization of the carbon block.
Highly effective bad taste, chlorine taste & odor reduction.
Cartridge Tested and Certified by NSF International against NSF/ANSI Standard 42
Convenient – quality water right at your tap.
Economical – costs only pennies per gallon for “better than bottled” quality.


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