Today’s post is all about bringing awareness and giving reef keepers reliable solutions. You must know before buying a RODI system, and also different RODI systems work well in aquariums. Let’s get this started:).

Why Do I Need An RODI System?

The major reason RODI water is so important, the tap water is full of contaminants that produce lots of unwanted algae blooms even when processed with water filters similar to those used in freshwater systems.

Total dissolved solids, or TDS, is the main measure of contaminants in tap water that we utilise in the industry. TDS measure inorganic salts and organic materials dissolved in the water you’re using.

That’s how you’ll need to have a multi-stage RODI unit with just an appropriate deionization process that will reduce your TDS to zero. Fresh water with a TDS of 3-5 is also very common at your local fish store, which can cause problems. The reason that local fish stores mostly do not provide pure 0 TDS water is the major reason we buy a good RODI system for our aquariums.

The Best RODI System for Aquarium, Reef Tanks

Let’s think about the best RODI systems now we’ve established why they’re so important. Over the decades, We using a variety of brands and types and setup numerous of these systems for customers. The following is a list of brands and models that is recommend,