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Multi-Media Water Filtration 24″ x 69″ (48 GPM)

We have a large range of Multi-media filtration systems for a wide variety of applications including whole house filtration, pre-treatment and post-treatment, and commercial & industrial uses. Our filtration systems are equipped with automatic or manual control valves for hassle-free regeneration and backwash cycles.


Filter Sand:

Filter Sand is a granular filter material that mostly filters suspended particles and removes turbidity from potable and industrial waters.

It can also anthracite to increase filter performance. For ease of handling. The quality of sand & product are normally packaged in 25kg bags, however, tonne bags or bulk amounts can also be provided.

Filter Gravel:
Product Overview: Gravel Supplied in 25kg bags in 6 grades; 2mm to 3mm, 3mm to 5mm, 5mm to 8mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm
Typical Applications: Water filters with automatic backwashing, swimming pool filtration, general water filter media applications, and filtration support layers

Activated Carbon:
Activated carbon is a porous material that attracts and traps organic chemicals inside its structure. Chemically developing carbon or char substantially increases making a great filter media for removing impurities in water


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