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Multi-Media Water Filtration 42”x 78″ (147 GPM)

Multi-media filtration systems for a wide variety of applications including whole house filtration, pre-treatment and post-treatment, and commercial & industrial uses. Our filtration systems are equipped with automatic or manual control valves for hassle-free regeneration and backwash cycles.


Filter Sand:
Filter Sand is a granular filter material that contains mainly SIO² and used for treatment of potable & industrial water for the filtration of suspended solids and removal of turbidity.

It can also use in conjunction with anthracite to improve filter run as well as this product & grade of sand are usually packed in 25kg bags for easy handling, however, tonne bags or bulk quantities can be supplied.

Filter Gravel:
Product Overview: Gravel Supplied in 25kg bags in 6 grades; 2mm to 3mm, 3mm to 5mm, 5mm to 8mm, 10mm, 14mm, 20mm
Typical Applications: Automatic backwashing water filters, Swimming pool filtration, General water filter media applications, Support layers with filtration systems

Activated Carbon:
Activated carbon is a porous material that attracts and traps organic chemicals inside its structure. Chemically developing carbon or char substantially increases making a great filter media for removing impurities in water


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