UV- 24GPM-VTM-S – UV Sterilizer 80 Watt

Destroys all living microorganisms in the supply water that will be used by a hotel, restaurant, clinic or other business where a guaranteed excellent quality of supply water is required.


UV-24GPM-VTM-S 80W Ultraviolet Lamp is in a heavy-duty stainless steel 304 pressure vessel. Design for vertical installation and is also with several instruments that can reinforce the control and the quality of the treated water. The vertical stainless steel tube contains the 2 heavy-duty quartz sleeves and that also house the 2 χ 40W UV lamps, which must be on 24 hours a day to prevent the development of bacteria. This model is with a temperature controller, the circuit breaker in case of leakage, a dust cap, UV intensity monitor, in order to keep the sterilizer in good working condition in extreme places (dust, variation in room temperatures). This model also features an accumulative timer so you can track when it’s time to change the UV lamps.

Recommend to install a 5-micron sediment filter before the device to ensure clear water throughout the treatment. The sterilizer must connect to the cold water line exclusively and also connect to a faulty switch.

Features of UV-24GPM-VTM-S 80W Ultraviolet Water Sterilizer:
1. Uses high-quality hard quartz material lamp and sleeve to keep the high output of 253.7nm. This is the strongest point of ultraviolet rays to cause the immediate death of organisms or wipe out their ability to survive and reproduce.
2. Quick and simple installation.
3. Long service life
4. lamp failure indicator.
5. Polished stainless steel reactor chamber strengthens the UV reflection.
6. The most natural way to protect your water safely.
7. Easy lamp replacement and maintenance.
8. Sterilization without adding any chemical complexes. Doesn’t affect the taste or odor of the water and does not remove any beneficial minerals in the water.
9. Able to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses under standard water quality and flow.
10. Destroys bacteria and inactivates various viruses.


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