Mini Ozone Generator for Air, Water & Fruit Vegetable Cleaner

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

Mini Ozone Generator, Air purifier, Water purifier & Fruit Vegetable Cleaner

1. Kill Bacteria 99%
2. Kill Flu Viruses 99%
3. Decompose Pesticide 98.8%
4. Decompose Formaldehyde 43%
Price : AED 550
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This time, keeping our house clean and sterilized is very important. Keeping our WATER safe for drinking is same as keeping our AIR clean as well…WE CAN HAVE A SAFE AIR CIRCULATING IN OUR HOUSE…

Ozone Generator's Multi-function:

1. Air purification: Removes foul and harmful gases such as formaldehyde emanating from new furniture, painting, and carpeting, keeps the air fresh for breath;
2. Vegetable Sterilization: Dissolves and eliminates pesticide and agrichemicals on the surface of fruits and vegetables and kills the bacteria on the surface of fruits and vegetables;
3. Water treatment: Dissolves the organic impurities and bleaches the water and increases the oxygen level in the water. Ozone for drinking water treatment, sterilization effect is good, no secondary pollution, also decolonization, odor, iron, manganese, oxidation decomposition of organic matter and coagulant aid effect. Some reports pointed out that ozone disinfects all harmful substances in water;
4. Preserve Freshness: When wash the fish and meat, ozone can eliminate the fishy odor, and extend fresh fruit and vegetable storage life in refrigerators and coolers;
5. Kitchen: Removes odor and smoke that from food preparation and cooking, garlic, fish and kills the bad bacteria or other additives in the meat;
6. Home: Sterilizes the domestic appliance;
7. Tableware washing: Kills bacteria on the surface of the tableware. Ozone kills bacteria found on utensils, dishcloths, work surfaces etc. Besides, using ozonated water to wipe down chopping boards, work surfaces etc., for a germ-free surface, prevent cross-infection occurs;
8. Children Articles: Disinfects nursing bottles and toys, etc.
9. Bathing: Prevents diseases such as epiphyte from infecting; 10. Oral hygiene: Kills bacteria in oral cavity and helps to cure some oral cavity diseases like faucitis and stomatitis.

Which are the main areas that will benefit from using an ozone generator?

1) House & Living
2) Water Sterilization
3) Food Sterilization
4) Personal Health & Hygiene
5) Personal Beauty

Size: 285x103x412 mm

Weight: ?

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