Water Dispenser with Built in RO Purifier System

Certified Company ISO 9001-2008

Water Dispenser with Built In Reverse Osmosis System :

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To have a fresh,clean and safe water does not mean you need to spend more money.

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WATER DISPENSER WITH BUILT IN RO SYSTEM is a user friendly system which work just like the traditional water dispenser but this one HAVE ITS OWN REVERSE OSMOSIS FILTRATION SYSTEM

Built inside the body. This system will be connected to your tap water and the RO SYSYTEM will process the water into a DRINKABLE SAFE,CLEAN AND STERILIZED PURIFIED WATER. After the process, the purified water is going to be stored in the storage tank and you can get a HOT/COLD AND NORMAL drinking water anytime of the day. This way, you will not only have a FRESH WATER, ECOMONICAL AND ECOFRIENDLY.

1st Stage: Sediment filter-5 micron cartridge filtration system which will remove dust, sand, rust particles from the tap water.
2nd Stage: Granulated Activated Carbon- Carbon filtration which will absorb Chlorine, bad odor and bad color ( if the is any) from the tap water.
3rd Stage: Carbon Block-1 micron cartridge filtration which will filter again the water, so what ever particles which not filters by 5 Micron this 1 micron will do the removal.
4th Stage: RO Membrane: this is a Semi Permeate membrane that uses pressure which will allow the pure water to pass through and leave the contaminants behind and goes to drain/waste water line.
5th Stage: In-line Post Carbon filtration: from the membrane the water will goes to pressure tank and from tank the water needs to pass through this filter so that what ever particles in the water from storage tank, it will be removed by this filter.
6th Stage: In-Line Post Mineral Filtration: This filter is composed of mineral balls which will gives back the important minerals that our body needs.
7th Stage: Ultra Violet Water Sterilizer: As the water passes through the UV rays, the bacteria and viruses will kill them using the ultraviolet, in this way, you will have a sterilized drinking water.

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