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150,000 GPD R.O System for Brackish Water Desalination


Double-Pass Reverse Osmosis Systems

BWRO systems from Crystal BIO Water Treatment provide the right combination of value and features required for any high-purity application. Every BWRO system is manufactured from the highest quality components to the exacting standards of all equipment.

Standard BWRO models are available for any commercial or industrial application from 50,000 to over 150,000 GPD.


R.O. System Capacity : 150,000 GPD
Flow rate: 104 GPM ( 390 Litter Per Minutes
Rejection 95-98%
Recovery 50-60%
RO membrane-brand: Dow Film Tec
RO pressure vessel: FRP Vessel
HI-pressure pump: Grundfos
Pre-filter: PP Sediment
Pure water flow meter and drain flow meter
Low pressure and high-pressure valve
RO frame by stainless steel welding
All pressure display on the main panel
High-pressure SUS304
Low-pressure pipe sch # 80 UPVC
Flush valve, feed valve, and adjust valve

Standard Features:

  • Fiberglass-wrapped Dow Filmtec Membranes
  • 316SS Pump, Valves, Pressure Gauges
  • 316L Stainless Steel High-Pressure Piping
  • 60Hz/230V-460V, TEFC motor
  • Automatic High and Low Feed Pressure Shut-off Permeate and Concentrate Flowmeters
  • Automatic Feed Water Shut-Off Valve
  • 5-Micron sediment prefilter
  • Fiberglass Pressure Vessels
  • Prefilter Pressure Gauges
  • Buffer Tank between Pass 1 and Pass 2


Optional Features:

  • Chemical Dosing System
  • Clean in Place system
  • TDS, pH, Temperature, Turbidity Instruments
  • PLC Control
  • Special Color or Private Label
  • 50Hz Motor
  • Automatic Feed Water or Permeate Flush
  • Sanitary or Inert Piping and Fittings
  • Crating


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