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20 Inch Big Blue jumbo filter housing for Whole house filter

Big Blue, 1″ In/Out, #20 Blue/Black, HFPP, w/ PR

20 Inch Big Blue Water Filter Housing with 10 Micron CTO Carbon Block and 5 Micron Sediment Water Filter 20 Big Blue Whole House Water Filtration System – this water treatment system treats all of the water entering your home removing sand silt sediment rust and other particles



20 Inch Big Blue filter housing for Whole house / Jumbo filters with pressure relief is suitable for high-flow and heavy sediment applications. The blue filter housing is made of reinforced polypropylene for strength and resistance to chemicals, and the black cap is made of high-flow polypropylene  for stiffness. The black cap has 1” female National Pipe Thread Taper threaded input and output connections and a  rubber  O-ring to ensure a watertight seal. A pressure relief button on the inlet side of the cap releases pressure in the housing for changing filter cartridges. The housing can be used with a 20” x 4-1/2” filter cartridge (sold separately). It has an initial pressure drop of 1 pound per square inch (psi) at a flow rate of 15 gallons per minute (gpm), a maximum operating pressure of 90 psi, and a maximum operating temperature of 100 degrees F (37.8 degrees C). This filter housing meets National Sanitation Foundation/American National Standards Institute (NSF/ANSI) standard 42 for quality assurance, and is for use in various high-flow applications, including residential drinking water filtration, food service, and irrigation, among others.



Filter cartridge size (H x W) (sold separately) 20 x 4-1/2
inches (508 x 114 mm)

Initial pressure drop at 15 gpm 1 psi

Maximum temperature 100 degrees F (37.8 degrees C)

Maximum pressure 90 psi

Maximum dimensions (H x W) 23-3/8 x 7-1/4 inches (594 x 184 mm)

Materials and structural integrity certification NSF/ANSI
standard 42


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