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25,000 GPD R.O System for Brackish Water Desalination


25,000 GPD Brackish Water Reverse Osmosis Systems are designed to provide the commercial and industrial user with the most trouble-free, cost-effective, and reliable form of water treatment available, by providing every option necessary for a successful installation. RO systems utilize stainless steel pressure vessels, stainless steel frames and skids, solid-state controls, TDS monitoring, flow controls, pressure gauges, throttling valves, slimline pre-filters, and low-pressure switches. Reverse Osmosis Systems are engineered to function with both well and municipal water sources (efficient chlorine removal must be installed). We utilize the most current membrane technology available, and dissolved solids removal rates are typically 95% or more.


  1. Water making: 25000 GPD
  2. Flow rate 93 meter cube at 25 deg C
  3. Rejection 95-98%
  4. Recovery 50-60%
  5. RO membrane-brand : (8040 (400 ft sq) x5 pcs)
  6. RO pressure vessel : FRP (8040x3pcs)
  7. HI-pressure pump : 4 kW x 380V x 50 Hz (Brand : Grundfos, model CRI 5-29, flow rate : 6.5T/hr, lift head : 14kgs)
  8. Pre-filter TK 7-20
  9. Pure water flow meter and drain flow meter
  10. Low pressure and high-pressure valve
  11. RO frame by stainless steel welding
  12. All pressure display on the main panel
  13. High-pressure SUS304
  14. Low-pressure pipe sch # 80 UPVC
  15. Flush valve, feed valve and adjust the valve.


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