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300 gpd Commercial RO System RO Water Filter RO Purifier System

commercial Reverse osmosis system / water filter / water purifier / RO system.
Commercial Ro system ro water filter ro purifier system with TDS digital display /with dust proof case


Reverse Osmosis system
Using famous brand reverse osmosis membrane, high-pressure pump, and convenient and economical replacement filter to make pure and tasty drinking water.

The function of each stage cartridge  :

1st Stage 5um PP Sediment Filter PP-10: Remove the particles, sand, dust, and colloid, etc.

2nd Stage Granular Carbon Filter UDF-10: Remove the chlorine, odor, small outgrowth, etc.

3rd Stage Block Carbon Filter CTO-10: Remove the odor, chlorine, suspension

4th Stage RO membrane FILMTEC: Remove the heavy metal, harmful soluble solids, bacteria, virus, other dissolved matter, and chemical drugs in the running water

5th Stage Post inline Carbon Filter T-33: Adjust the


6th Stage  mineral ball  ALMB: Increase beneficial mineral substance
7th Stage   UV
8th Stage mineral ball MB-10B: Increase beneficial mineral substance


Description: 5-8 stage RO system.
Capacity: 300GPD.
Flush Type: Manual Flush or auto flushing.
Housing: 10″ double NW-BR101 /  NW-BR103  or single  “O” ring  NW-BR102 housing.
Fittings Type:   JACO or Quick Fittings)
Diaphragm Booster Pump with Adaptor: 110V/220V, 50/60Hz  (  Green forest  /  Dengyuan  / E-CH pump etc ).
Faucet: D -01 / D-02 / D-09 etc   (As seen in the picture to choose )
RO Membrane: JCM / Vontron / CSM /  FCS /  FILMTEC   Membrane
Pressure Tank: with 11GPD steel Tank


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