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6 Stage Residential Reverse Osmosis 50 GPD System

CCK water purification system has the most advanced RO reverse osmosis technology, can produce the best quality of drinking water. So you do not need to go out, do not spend a lot of money to buy plastic bottled water, at home can enjoy more excellent safe, healthy, pure, delicious drinking water.



CCK 50 GPD RO Water Purifier

Adsorbed the color, odor, chlorine, bleaching agents, chemical pesticides and organic contaminants and to inhibit bacterial growth in the propagation of activated carbon.

Change time: about 6 months


RO Membrane

0.00001UM ultrafine small aperture, all the substances contained in the water can be removed, such as heavy metals arsenic, cobalt, cadmium, mercury and other substances, bacteria and viruses can be filtered, so that all substances separated from small molecules

Change time: about 1 Year


In Line Particle Coconut Shell Activated Carbon Filter

Adsorption water storage tank out of the pure water contained in the smell and chemicals, to avoid secondary pollution, can make the water more sweet and delicious.

Change time: about 1 Year


Variety of Natural Ores Firing Bio Ceramic Filter

Activated water quality to small water molecules, sweet, adsorption odor, remove the chemical substances in water, chlorine, bleaching.

Change time: about 1 Year


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