Aquarium RO systems

Our Aquarium RO Systems meet stringent standards and far exceeds the quality of systems from other manufacturers. A wide variety of options ranging from economy 3-stage units to top of the line 5-stage RO/DI units are available to suit your exact needs.


Clean, pure water is a priority for all fish. No equipment is more effective in helping create ideal water conditions as Reverse Osmosis (RO) units. These units filter out up to 99% of chemicals found in tap water by forcing tap water through a semi-permeable membrane that removes 90-99% of tap water impurities. The result is water that is free of minerals and other contaminants

Benefits Of Using Deionization (DI) filters

De-mineralize filter takes the full size RO to a higher level of filtration. It is an excellent selection for reef enthusiasts and other serious aquarists, especially those who live in areas with exceptionally high levels of phosphates in their tap water.

  • Production: 400 GPD / 1512 LPD
  • Minimum Operation pressure: 10 psi
  • Available in : 110 volt, 220volt, 240volt. ( 50 / 60 Hz)
  • Dimensions: (cm)38 (L) x 46 (H) x 25.5 (W) – system
  • Weight: 13.8 kg – system


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