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Sea Water 50,000 GPD Reverse Osmosis System (SWRO)

We offer a complete line of Sea Water Reverse Osmosis (SWRO) systems to meet the needs of each individual client. Seawater Desalination Systems Suitable for hotels, resorts, and industrial customers, these seawater desalination systems operate automatically and include a low-pressure feed pump. With a simple hookup to power and piping, the system is ready to go. Treated water is suitable for drinking.


 SWRO-50000 Seawater Reverse Osmosis Desalination System, 50000 GPD  (rated for 24 hour day)

— Converts Seawater to potable grade water.
— Can run with solar/wind power generation
— Low operation cost due to low power consumption

It is the highest quality membrane available in the industry. The reverse osmosis pressure vessel is a heavy-duty housing made of corrosion-resistant fiberglass.

  • Pre-Filtration System: PVC housing, 5-micron cartridge type sediment filter further reduces suspended solids in the feed water stream to RO system. It protects the RO high-pressure pump and lead-end RO membrane elements from debris. 20 GPM rating. 1 No.
  • Membrane Housing: fiberglass, 4″ housing, holds 1 membrane, 1000 psi rated pressure vessel, 6 No.
  • Membranes: Dow Filmtec or equivalent , 6 No. 4″x40″
  • High-pressure RO Pump: Super Duplex Stainless Steel.
  • Energy Recovery Device: Not-included
  • Motor (60Hz/230V): Danfoss 7.5 HP, 3 Phase, TEFC. or
  • High-pressure side piping material: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Low-pressure side piping material: Schedule 80 PVC
  • Concentrate control valve: 316 Stainless Steel
  • Water quality monitor: product water TDS meter
  • Flow meters: Panel Mount Flow Meters for feed water and product water.
  • Pressure Gauges: Feed Water Pressure, working pressure, Concentrate
  • System controls (automatic operation): PLC control to provide start/stop, sequential, and alarm control.


  • Hotels
  • Factories
  • Schools
  • Golf Courses
  • Housing subdivisions
  • Real Estate Developments
  • Hospitals
  • Irrigation
  • and many more applications…


Standard Electrical Supply 230/460 Three-phase power,
Feed Flowmeter
Product Flowmeter
Low-Pressure Sensor
Sea-water R.O. Membranes
Micron Filter Housing
Process and sample valves
Totally enclosed motors
Efficient high-pressure pump
Low-Pressure Feed Pump Included
Level float switches for customer feed tank control
316 stainless steel hardware and piping
Antiscalant Chemical Dosing
Central gauge panel with operating information


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