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Sea Water 80,000 GPD Reverse Osmosis System (SWRO)

Seawater RO systems are designed to operate under high or low TDS conditions. The built-in Variable Frequency Drive (VFD) can be adjusted to increase or lower the operating pressure according to feed water TDS. The VFD feature coupled with a unique direct pressure exchange system that recovers mechanical energy from the waste brine stream greatly improves the system efficiency and lowers electrical consumption. In today’s high energy cost world, these are essential features to have in a seawater desalination plant.


For new SWRO desalination plants, Nano-composite membrane elements have demonstrated a 50-100% increase in permeability compared to the current installed base of RO membranes. The inherent properties of nano-composite membranes require less driving pressure to produce the same amount of water, thus lowering a plant’s energy usage by up to 20%.

  • It protects the RO high-pressure pump and lead-end RO membrane elements from debris. 200 GPM rating. 2 No.
  • Membrane Housing: Codeline/Protec fiberglass housing, 8″ diameter, holds 5 membranes, 1000 psi rated pressure vessel, 4No.
  • Membranes: Energy Saving, nanocomposite seawater membranes, 20 No. 8″x40″
  • High-pressure RO Pump: super duplex axial piston pump with 8000 service intervals, oil-free, requires the least amount of maintenance in the industry.
  • Direct Pressure Exchange Device: Included.
  • High-Pressure Pump Motor (50Hz/380V): 39 kW, 3 Phase, TEFC. The absorbed power is 20.2kw
  • Direct pressure exchange motor (50hz/380V): 7 kW, 3 Phase, TEFC. The absorbed power is 3.8kw
  • High-pressure side piping material: 2205 duplex Stainless Steel
  • Low-pressure side piping material: Schedule 80 PVC
  • Water quality monitor: feed water and product water TDS meter
  • Flow meters: Panel Mount Flow Meters for feed water and product water.
  • Pressure Gauges: Feed Water Pressure, working pressure, Concentrate
  • System controls (automatic operation): PLC control to provide start/stop, sequential, and alarm control.

RO System starts permissible conditions:

  1. Power On
  2. Start button pushed
  3. Low-pressure switch closed
  4. Permeate water tank level below low level (low and high-level switches are on open position)

Five conditions will cause the RO to shut down the machine:

  1. High working pressure
  2. Low inlet pressure (<20 psi)
  3. Starter overload trip
  4. Product water storage tank level high
  5. Emergency shut-down button pushed.
  • Low Feed Pressure Shut Off with indicator light
  • High-pressure shut-off switch
  • Product Water and raw water Tank level control
  • System On switch with light
  • Power On switch with light


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