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UV Polypropylene Filter Housing – PVC Filter Vessel

Designed and made into perfection, materials are chosen to fit every requirements for best filtration and to serve its purpose comes with different micron bag filters.



Item UV Polypropylene Filter Housing / Vessel
Vessel MOC UVPP – Ultraviolent Resistant PP


Excellent Resistance to corrosion from Sea/Brackish water, etc.

Excellent Chemical Resistance Low Pressure Applications

Design Temperature 80 o C
Connection (inlet / outlet) Flanged
Max. Design Pressure 0.8 MPa = 6 Bar
Number of Filter bags 1


Medium Capacity Filter Housing
Flow Type Side Inlet /Single Bag Housing
Filter Area 0.4 M²
Approx. Flow Rate 1- 5 M³/Hour
Connection (inlet / outlet) Flanged


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