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Water Filter Cartridge Housings

Crystal Bio’s best supplies of Water Filter Cartridge Housings in Dubai, Ajman, Sharjah, Abu Dhabi & all over the UAE. We deal in a complete range of water filter cartridges used in the UAE. Choosing the right water filter cartridge is no more a big challenge. We will help you to select the right product as per your requirement and budget.


We provide pure water for your family and we think of which of the filtration systems is best for filtering the water. Below are a few important facts and good quality of Water Filter Cartridge Housings.

Drink pure and filter water all the time
Safe water from the cartridge lowers down the aggravation of skin conditions
It helps to reduce plumbing repair expenses etc.

There are many benefits of using water Filter Cartridge Housings.

(GAC) Activated carbon filter cartridge
CTO Activated Carbon Block Filter Cartridge
PET Pleated Filter Cartridge
PP Spun Water Filter Cartridge

Below are the specification of Water Filter Cartridge Housings
It comes with Single Water Filter Housing: 10’’x2.5’’
Available in Triple Filter Water Filter Housing: 10’’x2.5’’
Also available in Double Filter Water Filter Housing: 10’’x2.5’’
big size Triple steps slim blue Water Filter Housing: 20’’x2.5’’
Comes with Ceramic Water Filter


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