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800 Up To 1000 GPD RO Purifier System

A light and Compact design of this system can easily fit in a small area, this system have a variety of application;


800 TO 1,000 GPR RO SYSTEM is an Commercial/Industrial RO System which can give you a pure and safe potable water, by connecting to your main line of water supply the HIGH QUALITY Cartridge Filter and SUPERIOR RO MEMBRANE will process and separate the drain/waste water and PURE WATER. Complete set, skid mounted system with high Quality of parts and fittings.

Ideal for Mosque drinking water, Public Kitchen, Schools, Labour Camps, Accommodations, Clinics Restaurants and Coffee Shops.
Can be connected to DEIONIZATION SYSTEM also to produce DI WATER which can be use in Aquariums, Cosmetics and Perfume Factory and even Car Wash.


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