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6 Stage RO System Water Filter with UV & Antiscalent


6 stage RO system
Home Water Purifier with UV lamp


Our popular RO Systems filter out 98% of all water contaminants, impurities, metals, bacteria, viruses, chromium 6, and more.  Get better water with any of our reverse osmosis systems!

If you need more information, contact us at 056 546 4884.  Our water professionals can help you get the right system. 

Replacement RO filters are standard and affordable as well as the 50 -100 GPD reverse osmosis membrane. The best thing about our RO systems, they’re not proprietary like other systems that require you to buy their specific filters and parts.  Everything is included for a quick and simple installation. FDA approved.

Capacity50GPD ( 50 gallons per day)
Flush type: Manual flush
Power supply 220V50HZ, or 110V/60HZ
RO Membrane:  CSM, FILMTEC

Housing: Double O ring housing
Pump:  Grand Forest Brand
Fitting:   Quick fitting or Jaco fitting
RO Faucet: D-01 faucet ( plastic handle faucet)
Pressure tank: NPTK-3G-B (3-gallon plastic pressure tank)
Stage ITEM Function Service life
1st PP-10A PP fiber filtration wipes off impurities, algae, silt, sediment 2-3 months
2nd GAC-10A GAC filtration wipes off residual chlorine, THM’s, unpleasant smell, pesticides, chemical poisons 3-6 months
3rd CTO-10B Block carbon removes the heterochronic, odor, chlorine, and other materials which are harmful to health. To improve the taste. Use the micropore of the activated carbon filter to hold back the micro granules, and micro suspended materials. Making the water into the RO membrane is suitable to make the lifespan of the RO membrane are longer 3-6 month
4th RO RO membrane removes the micro impurities, colloid, metal, bacterias, and only
left the water molecule and dissolved oxygen, output water is purity water
12-24 months
5th T33A Post active carbon(T33), improve the PH, avoid the second contamination
Mineral ball filter, add mineral material in the pure water, more healthy.
10-12 months
6th MB-10 Add mineral materials into purified water 12-24 months
7th UV Kill bacteria, avoid secondary pollution 24-36 months


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